Friday, August 15, 2014

Fair Weather Sketches (Day 4)

Friday proved to be the busiest and most profitable day at the fair this week. Not sure why I'm so surprised. 

Iron Man

Rocket Raccoon


Green Lantern

Queen Elsa

Wonder Woman

Comic Book Iron Man



Optimus Prime


Old School Sentinel


Volibear (League of Legends)


Sketch ya' later! 


  1. Wow. Those are all great. How much did you charge for each pic? How long does each one take you? That is a great thing for a kid to take back from the matter if they are a big kid or a little kid. Did you sign them?

    1. Thanks Kal. You're a bundle of questions today. Not that its a problem. The sketches are free but I have a tip jar at my table that says "Please Feed the Artist", and its brought me some good bank so far.

      I haven't been timing each one from pencils to final colors. I'd estimate about 15-20 minutes. But I'd like to believe I've gotten faster out of necessity.

      I've gotten a variety of ages from little-little kids, ten year olds, teenagers, and a fair share of adults. The past few days have been really busy (when you offer a free product theres no impulse control) so I've had to put together a sign up sheet. There have been a fair share of repeat clients, so I think since tomorrow is the last day I may have to put my foot down so that other people can get their chance.


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