Saturday, January 16, 2016

Geek Fallout: Superheroes NOT based on Comic Books!

The Return of Geek Fallout The Comic Book Episodes for 2016!

Join Erik, Calvin, Jason and Richard as we discuss Disney’s original superheroes, Sam Jackson as the ultimate mentor and how Spider-Man created the Power Rangers!

Friday, January 1, 2016


"Angel" is the one feature that changed the most from concept to completion of this year's cards. Up through coloring she was supposed to be a muse, a personification of inspiration. 

However it occurred to me that notion wouldn't be clear to most people and that a floating woman in a loose fitting garment might be unintentionally suggestive for my mostly family-friendly output. 

From there I was going to make her a fairy with a magic wand and butterfly wings but instead settled upon bigger, more easily readable angel wings.

Herobot 01

Purple Gauntlets of Justice!
"Herobot" was originally supposed to be a traditional cape and tights superhero until I realized that I was already dealing with flowing robes on the angel and that a blowing cape might be hard to read when they were next to each other. So instead I decided on this Iron Man inspired robot hero, complete with the overused "Superhero Squat" or "Three Point Landing" as its better known.

Back in Black! (and White)

Everybody Gather Round: Christmas Cards 2015

The concept of an artist being surrounded by their creations is nothing new. I had tinkered with this same notion last year. After my summer at Cedar Point with people looking over my shoulder every single day the idea seemed ripe to revisit.

Whatever apparitions the new year has waiting I'm proud to be surrounded by all of you, my friends!
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