Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fair Weather Sketches (Day 5)

I decided to go to the fair for at least one more day. The total I got in tips proved that was a very good idea! 

Leonardo Leads!

Wonder Woman in Color

Black Adam

Captain America


Angry Maximus

Burnside Batgirl

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Kirby's Captain





Confused Maximus


Leonardo Finishes! 

Sketch ya' later! 


  1. Erik!!! I have been behind on my comments, but I have been keeping up with your updates. Your illustrations are so amazing. So much color and life in them! Even the ones with no color have so much life to them. I love looking at these and I am so glad that you have been doing so well with everything. That is awesome. Always thinking about ya. Hope all has been well.

    1. No worries Michael. Thanks for your kind compliments.

      Yeah, color was really dependent on my workload at the time (who would have thought that when I offered something for free that so many people would want one?) and the lifespan of the markers I needed. (Sky Blue and Skin-Tone went so fast!)

      It was good exercise for sure. I'm just sorry that being so busy has kept me from finishing my crossover post for you.

      I hope you are doing well too, especially after that bug you had from last week. Lord willing we'll be able to chat on Geek Fallout this Tuesday.

  2. Wow... love them all. This was a strong outing. Angry Maximus and GOTG are my fav. But seriously Erik - all are really amazing. It's fun to come check them all out every few days.

    1. Thanks. Maximus was a real "out of left field" kind of fun. Same with requests for characters like Poison Ivy, Silver Surfer, or Storm who had a certain leeway because they aren't big "defined by their film adaptation" kind of characters.

      Posting Groot and Rocket actually got me a commission that I should be working on right now. Appreciate you stopping by as always!

  3. Erik, you keep producing solid GOLD Sir. Great work....Just WOW!

    1. Thank you. Knowing that I have such appreciative and supportive viewers is reward enough.


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