Monday, May 23, 2011

Troll Like An Egyptian

Well, here it is at long last, the project thats been keeping me occupied since Easter that most of you have you heard me talk about lately.

In case you haven't heard though, I submitted a design for the city's annual sculpture contest. This year's sculpture mold is a troll, celebrating the anniversary of this yearly event, which first started off with troll sculptures placed down town ten years ago, before shifting through over themes like foxes, frogs, turtles and even dragons.

The city liked the design that I submitted (which regrettably I am unable to find at this time) and provided me with a pre-form mold to paint.

Four to five weeks of painting later and this is the finished result.

The decision to paint the troll like an Ancient Egyptian started back when my mom wanted to have Midland Christian School, were she works, sponsor and host the troll. The school is well known for its ancient history class, hence the inspiration for the design. I didn't know what the mold would look like when I first submitted by entry back in January, or even how big it would be (you need at least two people to turn this thing on its side in order to get it through a door), so I wanted something simple that could be easily painted on without requiring any fancy attachments or additions. Also, I only found out about the submission contest less than two weeks before the deadline, so I had to come up with something fast.

Not long after I submitted my design, the upheaval in Egypt started, so I figured I could kiss that opportunity goodbye, so you can imagine my surprise when not long after, I got an e-mail saying my design had been selected. Go figure.

This troll and many others can be seen this summer at the Downtown Troll Stroll down by the Tridge.

Oh, and just because I feel I have to complete my own silly pun:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Art Student Show Invitation

A card I designed for my mentor Kathy Sullivan, who is displaying the work of her students, including myself.

Since the reception is at the library I originally had a book motif but it looked a little silly, so I went with an art studio appearance with some Franklin Booth style crosshatching in the background.
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