Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doctor Who Day at Collector's Corner

After two successful sketch day appearances, last month and last week, I was invited to come back to Collector's Corner to do sketches for the customers on "Doctor Who Day". At least this time more than half of the requests had to do with the actual theme. We'll see how that holds true for "Marvel Day" at Barnes & Noble this weekend.

Heather with The Tenth Doctor

Heather shows off her cosplay!

Shawn with The Green Ranger

Jim with The War Doctor

Isaiah with Eleventh Doctor Accessories

Hayden with Mudkip, Samurott and Shiny Greninja

Jason with Sonic Ring and Sonic Screwdriver

Mike with Animated Series Mr. Freeze

Valentine with a Dalek

Andrew and Hiro with Thomas the Tank Engine

The Tenth Doctor and Amy Pond for Hayden

Gosei Red Marker Test

While taking these photos of The Doctor, my camera would ask "Did someone blink?" Haha. We all know The Doctor doesn't blink.


  1. Heather with the tenth doctor - love it. Awesome man. It's great they do this, get you some exposure, while putting a smile on some peeps faces.

    1. Yeah, its fun alright. A chance to both work and get out of the house for a change.


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