Thursday, July 24, 2014

Batman Birthday at Barnes & Noble!

Like Collector's Corner last month, the Barnes & Noble in Saginaw hosted the Michigan Comics Collective to do sketches for the customers who came out for their Batman 75th Birthday Bash.

Judah with Star-Lord

Hamza with Batman
Neena with Sexy Catwoman

Simon with Nunchuck Chuck Norris.
Nunchucks without Chuck Norris are Non-Chucks!

Brooke with Golden Age Captain America

The Flash for Precious

Thomas with Wolverine

Batman for Jonah

Obviously this is an Elseworlds Batman who doesn't 
hate rock and roll.

The event was so successful that we've been invited back to do sketches for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere party next month. Tune in then, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Blog! 


  1. Star-Lord is awesome. And I have to admit, Catwoman's backside is quite appealing.

    1. Star-Lord was the first one I did, so I probably spent more time making sure I did it right before I got into the swing of things.

      This Catwoman was easily the most popular sketch of that night. I've never been asked to do something "sexy" before so I think I may have been overcompensating with this one.

  2. Erik!!! So when will you be at my Barnes and Noble? I have some requests. : ) This is so cool. I am beyond thrilled that you were a part of this. My goodness I bet you and the rest of the artists really helped make those people's day. That is just the coolest thing ever. I hope you have been doing well. I am behind on my readings, but I have been trying to catch up with writing the Conference of Evil. lol But I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. I hope all is well.

    1. Michael, I'd love to come to your Barnes & Noble, although I am starting to get a little temperamental about the hour round trip it takes to the store in Saginaw (especially after seeing the latest gas prices). Fortunately I enjoy the spontaneity of the requests and the on-the-spot challenge.

      I can tell that people like me for sure as I've been personally asked to come back to do sketches for the store's premiere parties for "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" next month, plus "Doctor Who Day" at the local comics shop this Wednesday. Whew! Lord willing I can pick up some paid commissions from all these public appearances.

      I've written out a page of dialogue for the Conference of Evil crossover. I just need to figure out who is saying it because long run-on sentences about villains in movies just sounds very distinctly "me".

      Don't feel bad about being behind in the entries. In addition to all these appearances, I've got a handful of irons in the fire for personal projects I want to turn out. Who would have guessed summer would start to heat up in August?

      Maybe when things start to simmer down I can start taking sketch requests online and send them out in the mail or something like that. Just a thought.

      Thanks for checking in. Always a pleasure to catch up with you!

  3. Erik..It looks like you had a blast and did some amazing work Sir. Kudos to you!

    1. Thanks Brian. I've got two more appearances like it in this week alone so it looks like I've already got my work cut out for me!

    2. Knock em dead!
      Check out my blog to see some of my wacky doodles and terrifying rambles.

    3. Been meaning to check out your stuff for a while. The link is most helpful.

  4. What a great way to meet cute geek girls.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of business/commission networking, but thats something else that I could try.


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