Friday, June 27, 2014

Road Trip Romp

Last week's post topic for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers, "Road Trip", got me thinking about possible illustrations to match that subject.

Here are some rough ideas I had about being stuck on the side of the road, taking a trip to the beach, or just people being in a car having fun together.


Since its summer I thought about pursuing this one about the beach, with two of the women in the party stripping out of dull gray clothes to reveal colorful swimsuits.


I did a few studies of people removing clothing, but I had trouble hitting upon a story I could tell with that. Maybe I'll take a break from the beach and just go back to the general road trip concept because that still has a number of possibilities.

Does anyone have a cool road trip story to help serve as an inspirational springboard?


  1. First - Love all the illustrations in this post. (What is it about women tugging on their clothes that lights the fire in us men?"

    Two - Not sure if it will help to inspire, but I have a road trip story that may help...
    Me and a couple friends were making the NJ to Florida trip down I-95 a few years back. But once we got into Georgia, we decided to jump off the highway to enjoy the more scenic route. Boy were we in for a surprise. I never realized how much that highway changed the demographic of the states it cut through. At one point we got to a boarded up sleepy town near the border of Ga and Fla. It was completely dead, like a 1950's ghost town. One street light at the center of town, that no longer worked, dangled above our car as we stopped to watch the only human in town blocking our path out. He was weathered beyond his years, was over 6 foot tall, shirtless, and wore a pair of oil-stained overalls. He chewed on a straw and studied us as we backed up slowly and made a quick U-turn to head back to 1-95.

    The visual of us sitting at the center of town with that lone man looking at us has always stuck in my head. Thought it might be a cool visual for you to get your uices flowing.

    Have a great weekend, Erik!

    1. That is a unique visual! Sounds like you crossed some threshold, like going from Walt Disney's World of Yesteryear into a the prelude of a Camp Hack n' Slash horror movie.


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