Tuesday, June 3, 2014

LOEB: Shelf Expression

Originally I was going to show off my movie collection, as film is especially inspirational to me as a means of storytelling, evidenced by my catalog of at least one hundred titles. However I only have original boxes for less than half of them, so it might not be that impressive of a showcase.

Instead I'll turn to my other second-hand store weakness; books!

Yes its so tall it reaches the Enterprise in orbit!

This is nothing, you should have seen how it used to look!

Starting at the top left I have some of my earliest inspirations for drawing; newspaper comic strips. Highlights include the complete run of Calvin & Hobbes and the first ten years of Zits.

Business of art stuff on this side. My organization is based on weight distribution, so theres some other subjects in the mix like The Making of Casablanca or The Making of The African Queen

Comic book trade paperbacks. The Marvel flag waves high.

Illustrated children's books. 

More business of art books, mostly related to comics. 
Hulk Gray was too tall for the comics shelf

Coffee table books about influential illustrators

Vintage pocket sized paperbacks guarded by Garfield.
(Classic Dennis the Menace is my personal favorite, but don't let him know!)

Bigger collections of comics.
Lee and Kirby's Fantastic Four got me into comics as a kid. 
Will Eisner kept me going on them through high school.

The green number on the end is a collection of Pogo reprints.

More newspaper comics from my childhood. 
Camp Foxtrot may be the book I've owned the longest.

The Heavy Stuff. Literally.

See the rest of the League's stuff:

* Goodwill Geek has a toy army that puts The Nutcracker to shame.

* Brain goes ape! 
* Miss M has a collection inspection
* Nerdy Life has a workspace wonderland
* Revenge of Toy Box gets dolled up
* Midnight Monster's shelf is Universal


  1. Like the taste in book there :)

  2. Lot's of fun books, I have a feeling my shelves would feel overwhelming, though I have a lot more fiction books from the looks of it.

    I've been enjoying the League of Extraordinary Bloggers posts and wonder if my blog might be a good fit for their content. What do you think? I'd love to make some new connections!

    1. I think every creative person wants their own personal library. It shouldn't be surprising that your's would be so numerous.

      I'm pleased to hear you've liked these "League" posts. Fair warning, the group is mostly made up of 80s kids and many of the weekly topics have been related to toy collecting. I latched on after discovering a number of pop culture related entries and thought it might be a good inspiration springboard. Some topics have been easier to base ideas on than others.

      That being said, writing entries did lead to the production of pieces like "Summer Bummer" and "Action Figures" and has resulted in gaining a loyal base of regular commenters who have been both encouraging and insightful in their replies.

  3. I loved reading this! I am completely behind on your blog, but not by much! lol I am going to catch up. I am glad to see pictures of your book collection. I am a lover of books too. It is one of the reasons why Belle takes the second spot in my list of favorite Disney princesses. I like that you have Marvel stuff. And it would make sense that you would have a lot of cool books on art and illustrations. I bet those are fun to look through.

    I completely forgot I did a post for this topic. When I saw you linking me on here I was like, "Wait, I haven't posted anything for the League in awhile!" lol Duh. I am slow. Or just bogged down with toy stories dancing in my head. Anyways, I am going to look over these pictures some more of your book collection. Or rather, library. That sounds short, sweet, and to the point. Anyways, I hope you are doing well!!

    1. No worries about being behind. Though you may want to catch up soon, I just posted a Father's Day card I did for a friend and I'm going to post one I did for my own Dad tomorrow.

      In art school just about everyone I knew wanted talked about how they wanted their own personal library, but I think I had a jump start on everyone else since there was a used book store less than a block away from my apartment at the time.

      It is great to have so much material, however in the past few years I've grown more reliant on the inspiration files on my computer (currently its up to at least 7,000 individual pictures)

      Just wanted to include you since that post from a while back fit the qualifications. I know what you mean about being behind on League posts. This week's topic, "I Made This", suits me so well because my blog is all about the things I make, which also made it impossible to pick just one thing! Go figure.

    2. That is a lot of pictures for your inspiration files! I have tried to do that too, but that is a lot. I have stuff on my computer but I also take things out of magazines and what-not and put them in a binder. lol It makes it all a lot. One day though I will have the perfect amount of space.

      So I read your Father's Day post, and I love the card. I wrote a lengthy comment too, but I don't know if it went through. So I need to go back and post it again. The League topics have been really good lately. I really need to do one. I have such a fun time doing those posts.

    3. It is a lot, I can only imagine would that much is doing to my processing power. Back in college they told us to collect inspirational images in a big binder using books and the copy machine. However, the Internet had been getting bigger and broader at that time so it just became easier to archive ideas that way.

      The League entries have been hot lately. This week's "Pop Culture Road Trip" topic has my mind racing with ideas. I just don't know if I have time to put together something good before the end of the week. You win some you lose some I guess.


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