Monday, June 2, 2014

Comic Book Issues

The Michigan Comics Collective has mounted a Kickstarter to put together their collaborative anthology book which will spotlight local artists. Learn more here

They're also making plans to put together another book for next year and are looking for new material so I'm in the process of brainstorming ideas.

I haven't draw comics in a long time, but I do have a love for sequential storytelling so I sketched a few rough ideas for short stories that parody elements of certain sub genres.

Private Eye Phil Noir meets a Femme Fatale who literally has trouble written all over her.

Rex Relic searches the jungle for a lost city of treasure, only to fall of a cliff into a rapid river and waterfall.

I want a produce a story thats 3-4 pages at most (because I recognize my limitations and tendency to get hung up on the details) However I'm having trouble getting past the idea stage. While Rex has more development what with the fall into the river, that doesn't really come to any sort of satisfying conclusion. 

Over the past couple days I've been trying to come up with story ideas and I'm tired of trying to force something into shape and just want to get back into drawing anything without a deadline crunch or project guidelines and let something develop naturally. 


  1. I like where it's headed. Endings always suck for me too. I like the map & Skull sketch.

    1. Thanks. I was heavily inspired by the Will Eisner's The Spirit.

      I've scoured the Internet looking for some sort of gallery of his title pages. Best I've been able to do so far is this Pinterest page of my own design:


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