Friday, April 11, 2014

Sketchbook Sharing: Talking Heads (Plus Party Progress!)

Something I've noticed in getting back into daily sketching is that I tend to get caught up in the little details very easily.

It was while watching an interview with Martin Scorsese on TV that I hit on the idea of digging up interviews with people I admire. When the focus is just on a face, moving just casually, I can create a more impressionistic portrait than I can from looking at a photo. It also means I have to pick out which details are important very quickly.

Curiously I noticed that when I draw a face the first thing I render is the eyebrows and nose. No idea why.

Martin Scorsese

Alfred Hitchcock

Orson Welles

Last week asked for feedback on ideas for a new illustration. The responses you provided nothing short of incredible. They were so articulate and encouraging that I was riding high on those replies for the rest of the week.

Based on your comments I've created a more refined scale drawing with more defined character placement, perspective and light-shadow contrast. 

In this upcoming week I plan to practice drawing the figures and experiment with various poses to decide what looks best.

Now I'd like to hear from you. Like I said, I love reading your comments.

Any fellow artists have some quick-drawing tips? Are there some particular people or characters you'd like to see me draw? 


  1. I Could have pulled off a good Orson Wells about 60 lbs and half a beard ago.

    1. I could picture you telling off the director of a Frozen Pea commercial.

  2. First - the face sketches are awesome. Love the older Orson Welles one especially. Reminds me of those wine commercial outtakes. LOL.

    As for the knew sketch of the party... looking good. Liking the girls position - leaning in to listen to the guy talk. The only thing that sticks out to me is the guys posture. It almost looks like he's complaining about something.

    1. Thanks! I haven't set the poses in stone yet. The closer I think I'm getting towards the finishing steps, thats when ideas pop in and say "No try this, it'll be better!"

  3. The faces are really cool. I remember really enjoying the process of drawing faces when I was in art classes ages ago and the ones that you have done have so much emotion to them. They are stunning. I also like what you have been doing with this latest project! it is looking really good and I am so excited to see what the final image will look like. I love that you are sharing this process with us.

    1. Thanks Michael! Faces are fun to draw, and quick to do if you're ever at a crowded event or get together.

      Things are really starting to come into place with the party. Hope to unveil the final soon!


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