Friday, April 18, 2014

If you can't commit, you must a-quit!

Greetings friends! Hope this Easter weekend is kind to you. Mine is off to a great start now that the last patch of snow in the yard has finally melted!



Since last week, I replaced the cloud in the sky with a tree by the house. Clouds are typically associated with foreboding storms, so I thought that this couple would do better to have a tree over them to represent both life and shelter.

I also nixed the distant suburban street and brought the neighbor's house closer to make the back yard seem cozier and put more attention on the couple that this piece is all about. 

I had hoped to have this project finished in two weeks time, but a problem I seem to have with a lot of my work is the emphasis on meticulous composition planning. This can lead to burnout when it comes to committing to putting down lines for the final, especially when I feel very devoted to copying my reference material. 

Now I want to hear my fellow artists out there. How do you best transition from phase one to the final stage?

What are some precautions you take to avoid getting caught up in the little details? 


  1. I'm no artist... but I love the changes.

  2. One way to commit is to throw out the old, and just work from the studying that you've accumulated for this piece. If you get cold feet because of the work done previously, than is a hindrance, not a help. Plus, sometimes doing it a second time helps crystallize what is good, and to leave out what is bad.

  3. Yeah, I'm not an artist like that, so I do not know that I have any good ideas for you, but I think that you seem to have an idea of where you want things to go with each new step. And I would just say trust your instincts, even if it takes a little longer. I like the new touches you made to the project. It is coming along nicely!


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