Friday, October 17, 2014

Project Process: Rockwell-ian Romance

While perusing through a book about Norman Rockwell, I came upon an idea for this retro romance scene. Here we have a tall, lanky, bashful boy shortly after receiving a “you did alright” kiss from the girl he escorted to the door as a reward for his chivalry.  He is taken aback by her affectionate approval. The porch light is on right above his head to emphasis how much of a sudden revelation this is to him.

The girl enters inside, pleased with her handiwork while he is still dumbstruck outside, gently touching the part of his face with her lipstick as if try and confirm what just happened.

Much like Party of Two, this is loosely inspired by an event from my life.

Trying the same pose in reverse

Picking a pose for the girl is quite a task. The trick is making her appear flirtatious without losing the innocence of "young love" that I'm looking to capture.

Now I want to hear from you. What do you think of this idea? How do you think I should pursue this project?

Sketch ya' later!


  1. I love these sketches. I wish I had more than a rudimentary knowledge of the technique of drawing.

    1. Thanks Kal. Its personal projects like this that need the most support.


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