Saturday, October 4, 2014

Geek Fallout 98: Top 5 Fights!

As many of you know I am a reoccurring co-host on the Geek Fallout podcast. For our 98th episode about the Top 5 TV and Movie Fights, I thought I'd share clips along with my thoughts about some of these defining moments in pop culture.

Listen to the full episode here and follow along with my picks below.

5. Nada vs Frank, They Live

Expertly paced so that it never becomes excessive or boring.

4. Ripley vs The Alien Queen, Aliens

Just like a slasher movie, when you think the killer is dead, they always pop back up for a final showdown.

3. Superman vs Darkseid, Justice League Unlimited episode “Destroyer

I love how this scene meshes action with character development, raising stakes without being overly excessive. It also shows why Superman is so admirable, its not the measure of his muscles, but its how he chooses to use his strength, even to restrain it that makes him truly powerful.

2. Enterprise vs. Reliant, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Theres a great deal of tension in the lack of music and the anticipation of just taking a single shot rather than if this were a firefight with unlimited ammo. 

1. The Legendary War, Gokaiger v Goseiger 199 Hero Battle

You’ve got close to two hundred superheroes teaming up to fight an invading army of aliens. That’s just a recipe for awesome!

But if the fanservice isn’t enough its bookended by the little “we are ready to give up our lives to preserve the people of Earth!” What more can you ask of heroes?

Now I want to here from you. What are your Top 5 Pop Culture Fights? And why?

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