Friday, October 24, 2014

Penciled Packages

Christmas is coming sooner than I'd like. Not because of any cynicism, but rather because it means I now have a ticking clock when it comes to Christmas themed projects.

One person who seems to be ahead of the game is my neighbor Shannon, who asked if I would draw some characters on the wrapping for some presents she is going to mail her nieces and nephews.

Working on midtone paper and colored pencil was very different from the kind of sketches I've been doing this summer, but it offered a variety of textures and shades I wouldn't have been able to try otherwise.

Doc McStuffins, thats a first

Elsa, I just can't seem to let her go

Hello Kitty waves goodbye
Sketch ya' later!


  1. These look great...I love drawing on textured paper such as cardboard.

  2. Erik!!! These have so much life to them. That one of Ariel is simply stunning. I expect her to just jump off the paper. She is stunning. You have so much talent. I love looking at what you do. I hope you will do more of these. I can't wait to see the things you do next. You really have a way of taking someone to a different place, just taking them away. There's a lot of story in just a single image. It's great. Hope you are doing well!

    1. Thanks Michael. When I was given the choice to draw either another Elsa or Ariel on this package, I knew I had draw Ariel for you as much as the girl getting the present!

      Frankly, I'm surprised how much I enjoy drawing Disney Princesses. Maybe its because when I go to these comic book store appearances, amidst so many Cap, Spidey and Iron Man requests they're always the surprise choice.

      You're so kind with your compliments M! Its so good to have someone like you as a friend.

  3. These sketches are great, it's definitely a refreshing change to see the non comic characters too. Is the elf an original design? I'm stating to think about my Christmas schedule now too with several commissions in my lap to complete. It always creeps up on you how little time there really is!

    1. Thanks Lydia! Yes, The elf is an original design.

      I'm right there with you about the time crunch, especially during the fall season. Once November 1st comes I'm going to have to get cracking on my Christmas card designs. And I'm only waiting so long to give the ink on the Halloween pieces time to dry!

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