Friday, June 21, 2013

Rogers House

I actually started on drawing this house before I started the Eisley House, so I learned a few things in the process. Here, the trees so close to the actual house I had to be careful about applying detail so as not to make it appear that the foliage was swallowing the building itself. I did my best to balance things out my putting the darkest darks in the corners and especially on the far right, while also plotting negative space on the left hand side in the driveway, the bushes on front lawn and the tree by the garage.

If I were to do this again, I'd have done less of this "brush strokes as leaves" approach and maybe go with something more akin to Franklin Booth and render the canopy with of varying degrees of cross hatching. As is, its pretty easy to lose the point were one tree ends and another one begins. That might have also lent a more uniform look to the picture what with the linear nature of the house. Then again, I had originally drawn the grass on the front lawn in a very Booth-ish style which my client didn't seem to care for, so I changed it to the kind of style I did with the Eisley's house.


  1. Really nice work. Nothing against what you did, but I can see why the client might not be thrilled by the way you've done the lawn. He probably spends every weekend cutting it to get it to look just right. The cross hatching that you've chosen allows the focus to be on the house rather than the lawn.

    Everyone has their own priorities. It's hard to please them all.

    1. Thanks.

      I've drawn a variety of things in my time, but I think that cut grass many be the most challenging yet. Its got to look organic, but also uniform. You can't leave too much white space or it looks like snow, but too dark and it looks like dirt.

      Maybe my next client will have a nice rock garden instead. haha.


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