Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eisley House

 I was fortunate to be discovered by two families recently who are selling their houses and wanted a keepsake of their former homes. This is the first, I hope to get the finer details worked out with the client of the second one soon.

Back when I was in high school, I had a little side business of drawing houses in some of the more affluent neighborhoods. My rates were extraordinarily cheap, but looking back, these pictures weren't all that great. I had no sense of economy whatsoever and drew every blade of grass equally.

Here I used a pen that was almost out of ink and ran it very quickly across the lawn to give it a sense of substance but also convey that it was neatly mowed. I had a lot of fun rendering that kooky cloud as well. I original started shooting for a fluffy Franklin Booth cloud but ended up with this hatchy Bernie Wrightson formation that I think works better in this piece, especially with all the line work going on already.


  1. That's great work, Erik! I have so little patience for straight lines it would drive me mad to do picture like that.

    I love the hatching.

  2. Thanks MD! I idolized Franklin Booth and similar hatching artists during college, so I guess I was prepared for it in that respect.


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