Monday, January 28, 2013

I Have A Headache!

This is another entry for WeLoveFine's Power Ranger's T-Shirt contest, playing on a double entendre with Rita Repulsa's catchphrase and the implications it could have on her marriage to Lord Zedd. While I sketched this out in traditional pencils, finished linework is completely digital, a first for me.

While I thought that this entry, since it didn't involve tracing a pre-existing logo, would be the jewel in the crown of my submissions. However, much like "I Got a Frog", I received an e-mail from WeLoveFine. We like your concept, however, since this cartoon is aimed for children, we cannot add your design into the contest.  Is it possible for you to rework it so that maybe Rita isn't lying down in a bed, but maybe sitting in her chair?  Once you rework the design, we'd be happy to enter it into the contest.”

While this sounds like a frustrating let down, after reading it I had a strange realization, “If its rejected before the contest… Then it can’t be a failure!” Yeah... just keep telling yourself that. Though it is subtly amusing to me that a gag about rejection is ultimately being rejected.

I've got a week before the deadline to submit something else, so I just have to decide if it's worth the effort to compose a new image from scratch. With that kind of time crunch though, I might just let it go and be thankful I didn't go with any gags about "Make my Monster Grow."

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  1. Wow, Erik. Make my monster grow?! I didn't know you had it in you...


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