Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Got A Frog

For the past month now I've been working on entries for WeLoveFine's Power Rangers T-Shirt contest to celebrate the franchise's twenty year anniversary. Since my generation was on the ground floor of this series when it first started, I figured I could give it a shot.

This was one of my first entries for the contest. The joke is taken from a line in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie when the team is receiving new power animals. While the others get strong creatures like the wolf, the bear or the falcon, Adam expresses disappointment in being given a frog.

It reminded me of another expression of disappointment from my childhood TV viewing;

However, shortly after I submitted this entry I received a message from WeLoveFine that stated;
"Although we love the idea of merging together two classics like 'Peanuts' and 'Power Rangers', this is something that we unfortunately can't proceed with due to licensing terms."

Fair enough I suppose and its certainly understandable. I guess it didn't occur to me that the juxtaposition could be a problem, especially given this company's other pop culture mash ups particular with their Doctor Who/ My Little Pony crossover shirts, but those are of a different sort. At least this design didn't take as long as some of the others I worked on. 

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