Monday, November 12, 2012

Care Package ... OF DOOM!

Here's a little something I've been working on for the past week. We're sending a care package to my cousin and Dad thought it would be great if I could draw a dragon on the opposite side of the box. Dragons are a bit outside of my wheelhouse, so it took me a while to practice sketching one out to my satisfaction.

The practice run on seen here is a bit different from the finished product. Well, the scent that the Sharpie produced a particularly powerful wallop that I hadn't anticipated, so after the dizzying headaches subsided, I had decided that perhaps the background details weren't as important as finishing the actual dragon itself.

Next time I'm going back to either pencil or ink. Hopefully that'll be soon.


  1. That looks very cool. I bet it catches the eye of ever postal work or delivery guy that the package passes by. I wish more people did this. There was a guy that drew on his kid's lunch bags everyday and HE got a book deal out of it....bastard.

  2. I used to draw on my kids lunch bags every day, but they told me to stop. Apparently the cool kids don't have drawn on lunch bags.

    Kids... what do they know?

    1. Cool is never appreciated in its time, thats all I know.

  3. haha Erik. I agree about the sharpie, I bought a nice brush pen, and started using it, and realized that I was getting high off of it. It brought back bad memories of working at Cedar Point, drawing caricatures everyday with this big sharpie. So I came to the same conclusion: brush and ink.
    I think the head and wings of the dragon are solid, good job. I think the piece has a real awesomeness to it too, yes, cool, as you say. Good job!


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