Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whoops! Wrong Way 'Round

It came to my attention recently that I had misread the directions on the contest entry I had done for Superhero Cocoa. To be fair, their "X wearing Y's costume" instructions were easy to get mixed up.
So here is the new vision of Aisha Campbell, the second Mighty Morphin' Yellow Power Ranger dressed as Lyra Walters, the second She-Hulk. Seems fitting I suppose. Given the topsy turvy nature of this mix up I even mirror-reversed the original pose I had done.

This was actually something of a good experience. Once I got over the physcological hurdle of "getting this done for a deadline" with the last one, I really had a chance to play, and have some fun experimenting with some different brush textures on this one with its contrast in stiff leather and soft skin over hard muscle.

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