Friday, September 28, 2012

Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool Comic Cover

My latest commission for Kal and his blog "Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool". The cover features a lot of things that he loves; comic book covers from the 70s, outer space adventuring, Lasers, Jetpacks, Selena Gomez and his cat, Admiral Fluffy, all attacking the deadly cephalopod menace!

This was a real joy of a project to take on since it proclaims my own love for old comics, but also gave me a chance to real dig through my archives and find all manner of crazy inspirational images. The works of Wally Wood were particularly influential. Here are a few examples to give you an idea were I was coming from with my thought process.


Looking back, it seems like this could be seen as a more refined version of my old college piece, "Dex Deadfall: Astronaut Archeologist". I guess the influence followed me all these years later.


  1. Hi Erik! I just saw this artwork over at the Cave Of Cool. What a lovely piece of work! That Wally Wood / early-70's Marvel combo is a killer!

  2. Well done, Erik! Terrific work, compadre!


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