Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Big Game

Yesterday, I was invited by my neighbors to watch "The Big Game" (The Oakland Bowl to be exact) I don't know or care about football in the slightest but though it would be a good break from my routine for the start of the new year as well as an opportunity to skim free food and draw some people just sitting around. The crowd was antsy at first but when the game went into triple overtime, the physical enthusiasm started to wane.

Portraits. So many unique noses.

Betty Transfixed

Paul Relaxing, Dan Chanting

Katie Noir 


  1. Those actually look like people. I mean compared to how my art turns out. Like glueing noodles to cardboard.

  2. Nice - I like the 2nd page best because you really seem intuned to the facial features, as if you were exaggerating them ever-so-slightly. I also really like how you composed the Katie one.


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