Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best Face Forward

After designing a new logo for my new business cards I decided to make a new self portrait so that I could have some original art for the cards as well as I felt the previous portrait's full front angle wasn't working out.

So looking for new ideas but drawing myself in front of a mirror. I almost had forgotten how challenging and how rewarding it is to draw something directly from life rather than conform to the structure of a model in a photo.

Its also amusing to see how even drawing the same head, how it can look radically different from one to the next. Its funny how my first impression of my own face was very tall, chiseled and serious. With the hair part and face fuzz, I kinda look like Flynn Rider from Disney's "Tangled".

Later versions showed more squat cheeks as I tried to squeeze out a subtle smile.

Eventually I got this:

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