Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

In my take of this classic chiller Dr. Jekyll is broad, boorish, bloated, and balding. Self obsessed with tiny squinted eyes and displaying his high status and wealth through tailored clothes and a very tall hat. Caring little for his suffering patients, spending more time developing his potion that will expand his capabilities beyond the limitations and morals of mere men.

Unexpectedly, the formula removes Jekyll's oafish exterior leaving him a thin skeletal whisk of a man with a long face, a sharp pointed nose and flowing black hair. This new man, Hyde is nothing of the sort his name suggests. He is liberated and spry, often prone to bird like energy and Gene Kelly style acrobatics and spontaneous dance but most importantly he nows possesses love and compassion for his fellow man, bounding from Jekyll's claustrophobic study into the wider world, bringing life and hope to the drunkards, urchins and lowlifes he finds, even discovering romance with a soot coated street girl.

But Hyde's stirring up the riffraff causes trouble and a simple accident leads to his pursuit by the police plus the publications and propaganda printed by his rich and influential alter ego (the story we have today) brands Hyde as a monster. Hyde runs until he can run no more. His final words being "Goodbye... Good", before being condemned to life as Jekyll forever. Or is it?

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