Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend I graduated from the
Columbus College of Art and Design with my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts-Illustration. As you can tell by this picture, the weather was absolutely beautiful much to my own amazement given how it rained every day the previous week, and the rain has been coming down heavily since Sunday, so we had one good day for graduation. Thank God for small miracles.

While seeing the sun was quite a surprise, I was particularly surprised when I saw that the compilation book for Comic Book Illustration class had my artwork on the (back) cover. Several of my sketches and my "Pete Peril" story were reprinted, and it looks good reprinted.

I'll be staying in the area while I work on padding out my portfolio and work on sending out promotional material to various groups and companies in hopes of finding a job. There are some potential freelance opportunities on the horizon, so I'm optimistic. Subscribe for updates!

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