Friday, April 17, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Themes: The Intruder

The Intruder

Here's where you can see the influence of classic suspense thrillers growing up, especially the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

You may also be able to detect my introverted personality in these illustrations of someone who just bursts onto the scene to spoil the tranquility of solitude. 

Sometimes its a foreboding omen of things to come.

Or maybe someone just doesn't understand personal boundaries

But it can also be an unexpected source of seasonal comfort and charity

I even made a whole Pinterest board of this theme for inspiration:

Now I want to hear from you! 

What's your favorite example of "The Intruder" be it in my work or other art?

What other themes would you like to see in this series?


  1. That was about the best "back to School" image that I have ever seen... great work ... and thanks for the "Smile"..
    Have a Great weekend good Sir...

    1. Thanks Doc! Thats probably one of my favorite pieces of my own work.

      I'm starting my new job this weekend, so I hope its great. Though it feels like I'm going back to school again.

  2. We posted your "Back to School" illustration.....
    And we were dropping by to wish you and yours a Great Holiday Weekend....

    1. Thanks Doc! I'm itching to post my summer work as soon as the fall season ends in November.


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