Monday, January 26, 2015

Let it Go! (Elsa Step by Step Process)

This past Christmas I received several markers as gifts that I've been itching to test out, especially since some of them were very specific shades.

I wanted to do an illustration of Elsa since I had requested many of these colors with her in mind. I worked from this promotional image. While I would have liked to have made something original, I was more concerned with coloring rather than composing at the time.

Roughs with a mechanical pencil on 6 x 8 Bristol Board

Spot Blacks with a Faber-Castell Pitt Pen and technical pens for the small details

I bought an "Eggshell" Prismacolor marker to better match her platinum blonde hair. I also finally got my chance to try out Copics with a new "Skin White" marker that looked to match her pale tone more so than the "Light Peach" Prismacolor I had been using previously. 

Add in some classic comic book Kirby Krackle!

Snowflakes courtesy of a Uniball brand White Gel Pen 
(I don't know how I ever lived without this!)

And the final, with some blues over certain snowflakes, a few grayscale touch ups, trim the excess around the edges and I'm done. Whew!

Sketch you later!


  1. I love seeing your work in progress. It's like an entirely new artist from the one I first met years ago. This picture is really well done.

    1. Thank you very much Cal! For the compliment and a reminder of the importance of persistence.


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