Saturday, November 8, 2014

Geek Fallout 104: Movember Special!

In the spirit of Movember Miss M, Chris Giada, Evan Hansen and myself list the best facial hair in pop culture. Stay tuned as we give our Halloween reports, share mixed feelings about "Constantine" and compare Grumpy Cat's Christmas Special to the Geico Caveman sitcom in this hair-raising episode! 

I've provided pictures to aid you through my top 5 picks.

5. Captain James Hook from Hook

Personal branding is essential in today’s economy, and Dustin Hoffman’s interpretation of this classic character has it covered with his facial barbs curled to match the shape of his prosthetic namesake.

4. Issac Asimov

This pioneer of science fiction literature was also blazing trails in a persona defining appearance with his trademark sideburns that may be only follicles on record to actually defy gravity.

3. Aquaman from Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Encapsulating his “full testosterone” characterization that blends BRAIN BLESSED! with Errol Flynn to perfectly compliment his barrel chest and baritone voice.

2. Mirror Universe Spock from Star Trek "Mirror Mirror"

Responsible for solidifying the trope of identifying the evil twin by a goatee which has been used and parodied in pop culture for decades.

1. The Mustache from The Tick "That Mustache Feeling"

Its the only facial hair in pop culture to have its own theme song independent of the character that it’s on. 

Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite facial hair!

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