Friday, September 12, 2014

Attack on Joker

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This week, an oddball juxtaposition between comic book hero Batman and the anime series "Attack on Titan". The idea was to combine two similar things, the new Faceless Joker (which I think looks incredibly silly) with the Colossus Titan (which I think is quite scary).

Eagle eyed viewers may recognize that the parody product isn't an especially original image. The composition is taken from directly from this promotional image for the show. Also Batman was reversed and traced from this page by Bruce Timm. The pose was too good to pass up, not only did it match Eren's look, but was an example of Batman himself encountering a giant.

The motivation for this project (aside from the general goofiness of it) was to produce something simple that didn't require much planning so that I could concentrate on practicing in Photoshop, determine how to render something like the face, which has a lot of detail, without going overboard as well as experiment with different tools, textures and techniques.

Originally I was going to tinker with Elsa from last week, but thought that I might be more likely to want to continue if I was working on something I hadn't previously posted and considered "finished". That and its been a slow traffic kind of week and experience has thought me that mash ups with The Joker are ratings gold!

Sketch ya' later!


  1. Cool Joker art good Sir.....
    So after "Dollman" cut off joker's face ....He now looks like "Face" from Hellraiser comics.... is that the version that DC is using as my favorite character ....
    Haven't been able to go buy comic books in well over three years.... the "Dollman" story ... we found at the library , .... and only that one issue..... did Not know "what" happened after that..... so Joker is wearing the skin of his own face as a mask ????

    1. Thanks Doc! Seems to be the gist of it despite being out of the loop. I don't much care for the new Faceless Joker because it takes the character beyond a believable extreme and messes with the legibility of a classic design. It would be like having Mickey Mouse wear a Mouseketeer hat, its just too much!

    2. Thanks good Sir for this info....
      we posted your wonderful Alien piece....

    3. You're welcome, and thank you for re-posting. Any chance I could get a link to see it for myself?


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