Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Power Rangers Costume Commentary Part 3 (Time Force - Dino Thunder)

Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Having the clock hand motif on the helmets, chest and belt buckle feels redundant and the black helmets really clash with white chest. 

The sixth ranger is also red, which is a bit confusing. I get that it he's, once again, supposed to be the dark counterpart, to our fearless leader with the black relief colors and the "threatening" sawtooth pattern, put that just makes me wonder why that wasn't the standard design for the whole group since it matches their helmets better.

I'm also not too keen on the gauntlets with individually colored gloves. Its that whole Mickey Mouse thing, were the white gloves pop better against the colors on the body.

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Wild Force easily has my favorite Power Ranger suit designs. One look at their stylized helmets and gold sash and you know that these guys are “the Honor Guard for the Animal Kingdom”. The helmets are beautifully stylized and surprisingly aerodynamic. Also, I'll repeat that I think black and white works better with the three primarily colors than black and pink. It also makes the token girl feel slightly less stigmatized, even if the pink stripes do come off as bold against a white suit.

I could do without the talons on their fingertips, and the Silver Ranger's navy relief colors feel a bit unnecessary but I can take those little bits of bad with so much good here.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

These designs are very unique for the series, as they started with a trio in primary colors, introducing the other ranger later in the season, plus we had a female blue ranger this time around. Consequently the primary three feel like they fit together better than the rest of the later additions to the group. Even their visors feel like they're following a shape related pattern. Red with the sharp angled eyes, Yellow is boxy, and Blue's eyes are round and curvy. I'm just not getting that kind of continuation in Crimson, Navy or Green.

Speaking of the visors, theirs are thinner than other helmets to suggest “Ninja”, but not as much as the “Alien Rangers”. The animal motifs on the helmets are also very subtle with wing, mane and fin shaped reliefs in the gold sections. A smart choice consider how animals were a big part of the last season. The animal element is further carried out in their personal chest insignias. 

Of course the smurfette of the group gets the "whale tail" symbol. Its sort of like that moment you realize that in Mighty Morphin', the Pink Ranger's mech forms the Megazord's chest. Being an adult has ruined my childhood.

The silvery chainmail arms are a unique form of color relief, though I'm not sure why the blue rangers has to have silver leggings as well, especially since all of the previous female rangers just had a skirt over pants of the same color. 

Again, we're introducing some dark counterparts in our group with a Crimson and Navy, which makes the lineup more than a little confusing.  

Lots of mix and match going on this time. I feel its ambitious beyond its ability to carry through. Definitely a mixed bag of tricks.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

Dinosaurs again, only different, sort of. 

Carrying the diamond pattern through the whole body was a bad move. The excess white on the legs and arms is already busy but it also clashes with the gold insignia. The helmets are “subtler” in their design so as not to compare too much with the Mighty Morphin' helmets, but don't leave much of an impression. 

The black and white rangers are the ones that really look gold out of the bunch. Black's tooth marks are all gold for great contrast, while the white ranger has this striking red visor, as well as a black talon relief pattern. Its doesn't blend quite as well with the others after going from bad guy to good guy like previous sixth rangers, but the fact that he looks so good on his own is one of this lineup's few redeeming features. 

Mighty Morphin', Alien, ZeoTurbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue
Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder
SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury
RPM, Samuari, Megaforce, Super Megaforce


  1. The Wild Force suits are really cool. I like the Blue Ranger's helmet with the shark helmet. I really like that. And while I am a fan of pink, I think it is nice that they put a girl in a blue suit for the Ninja Storm looks. That is pretty cool. After looking and reading over these commentaries, I can't help but feel blown away at the large amount of PR series that have been released. I remember there always being a new Power Ranger series, but I had sort of lumped them all together. Some stand out in my mind, but I feel like I missed out on so many others.

    1. Its not too surprising, even after 20 years it is a franchise that hasn't had (or needed) much variation, so its easy to lump them all together, especially when the sequel series haven't had quite as big an impact on pop culture as the original.

      It was pretty risky to try something new with a female blue ranger, especially for such a boy-centric toy line. But it must not have been too much of a hassle or they wouldn't have done it again in Mystic Force.


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