Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LOEB: Christmas Wish List

The things I want the most this Christmas simply can't be bought. A job in my field that provides steady pay, a lady love to last a lifetime, the chance to really connect with people, time to do all the things I want to do well, inspiration, a skilled and stable hand to render my vision as I see it, etc. Such things cannot be bought. However, that doesn't mean I can't try to fill the void with some crazy, over-the-top material possessions!

Casablanca 70th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

Easily one of my favorite movies of all time, Casablanca recently had a huge anniversary edition re-release on this past year, on my birthday no less! Since I wasn't able to receive this as a gift when this was issued, Christmas is a perfect opportunity to make up for time gone by with one of the most romantic movies ever made.

Speaking of romance...

The Geek's Guide to Dating

My first sweetheart was a dyed in the wool geek, or rather her Jayne Cobb hat was made of dyed wool. I remember when we first started dating, she teased me by saying that her sister got her this book, but I never got a chance to see it for myself.

Since I'm looking to level up in love lately, maybe this will warm things up for were The Big Bang Theory left me cold.

Speak of the Geek...

Gokaiger Mobirate and Ranger Keys

Of all the Super Sentai transformation devices, this one may have the worst name. Its a portmanteau of "Mobile" and "Pirate", because its a mobile phone that turns you into a pirate themed superhero. Get it?

The franchise has used cell phones as the Ranger's transformation trinket for over a decade, why haven't we had a name like "Morphones" yet? It seems that a better portmanteau, combining "Morph" and "Phone". But I suppose they need a name that was unique for each season.

And what a unique device it is. Not only does it change the user into a pirate ranger, but also offers selection of over 200 Ranger Keys that allow you to become a hero for any occasion.

Which leads us into the most impressive and most impractical at all...

The 1966 Lincoln Futura Batmobile

I've spoken before about my admiration for the 1960s Batman television series where the Caped Crusader had the power to manifest colorful onomatopoeia with a each blow and was the only man who was prepared for the Sharknado. This outrageous automobile of a is every bit as cool as the man who drives it.  So you can imagine my astonishment when I found out that not only is this car on the market, but that it is now street legal!

I'm not a person that enjoys driving very much, a combination of growing up in a small town were things were just as easy to get to by bike, the expenses of gasoline and one too many experiences with speeding maniacs on the highway. I may end up keeping this one in the garage just to say "atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed", fire up the engine, then move out for a quick jaunt to the car wash.

Now that the crowds for Cyber Monday have slowed down, maybe I can avoid the crowds and get something for the League's Secret Santa Exchange. Fortunately, many of my compatriots have posted their wish lists as well so I know just what to get them!

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* Cool & Collected puts out a bounty on his dream toys. 


  1. Good choices. I saw a kit car years ago that a buddy's father had gotten and built. It WAS the batmobile without the flame out the back. I road in it with him ONCE and it was a panic. People were honking at every stop light.

    Casablanca is one of my Christmas movies. I love that film a lot too. Especially the beginning part with Peter Lorre.

    "You despise me don't you, Rick?"

    1. I was worried for a minute when I saw you post the Batmobile racing video earlier. I figured "better hurry up or he's going to snipe you on sharing the car wash video!"

      I've come to associate Casablanca with a number of different holidays. It really is the kind of movie you need to watch when you don't have any other distractions. You need to give it 100% of your attention because it is worth it.

  2. Casablanca is a great choice! You also can't go wrong w the batmobile!

  3. I love some Casablanca. I need to watch it more often.

    I always loved that version of the Batmobile. The fact that it's a Lincoln also means you would be riding in luxury. You can't chase criminals without leather seats!


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