Friday, October 18, 2013

Eeek! Johnson Thriller-strator

I've gotten hooked on Twitter in the past month and have noticed a number of my contemporaries making Halloween themed alternations to their names. For example Michael May is now Homichaelical Maynaic, Evan "Doc" Shaner is now Doc Frankenshaner, and more. Since I've been a bit behind on creating something for Halloween I figured I would make some similar alterations to my profile and portrait.

For the remainder of the month I will be operating as Eeek! Johnson (@IllustratorErik). Mind you, that's Eeek! with a K.

Theres a full moon tonight. Things are going to get hairy. 

I was inspired to do something in the vein of the publicity photos of Lon Chaney Jr. for his role as The Wolf Man and with my facial hair, it was an easy look to emulate. You can imagine my surprise when I finished the picture this morning only to discover that there is indeed a full moon this weekend. Talk about timing!

Because I love to share the things that inspire my work, here are are some of the photos I was looking at while drawing this new self portrait. Also, I accidentally took a screencap of myself posing to match the monster which is just too amusing not to share as well. 

Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. That's awesome, Erik (or should I say, Eeek!). Well done!

  2. I like that you did that! I was noticing that people were changing their names on Twitter, I like it. I am not really sure what I could come up with, but I love the new self portrait. That is awesome!

    1. Thanks! I was fun to do a new self-portrait, even if it was kind of rushed for the sake of the holiday.

      I might consider making another one for the rest of the year, except that my previous portrait is still on all my business cards, so I may want to keep that one for brand consistency just a little while longer.

    2. Maybe you could "Michael Meyers" Lynn or Michael "Massacre" Lynn or Mi-KILL Lynn. Perhaps you could play with the name of your blog and become "Count Dorkette".

    3. I love these Twitter handle ideas! I still have time to figure something out! I like them a lot!


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