Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LOEB: Something Blue

This past weekend, I stumbled across the sketches of artist Shane Glines, character designer for Batman Beyond and Beware the Batman. His drawings are influenced heavily by the style of illustrators from the '50s and 60s, and his sketchbooks contain plenty of doodles of leading actors from the era.

Sensing a common interest, I started to draw my own renditions of Old Hollywood and classic TV icons in portraits various hues of colored pencil to make my sketchbook look more vibrant. It just so happens that most of them were in blue. The plan was I could work freely in color so that I could trace over them and tighten up the detail with either ink or just a regular pencil later on, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Oddly enough I think knowing the I was free to be loose with my lines ended up making them look more precise. Go figure.

Boris Karloff (who I almost wish I had drawn in green) checking out Carolyn Jones

Veronica Lake, Simone Simone and Yvonne Craig as Batgirl. There is always room for Batgirl.

I keep many pictures in my Inspirations file, photos and illustrations, to help aid in the creative process.
Here are some in this week's particular hue.

Robert Fawcett

Roy Krenkel - Albert Drake

 Shelli Paroline - James Bingham

Robert McGinnis

Jon Whitcomb

Xavier Ramonede

James Bingham

Carter Goodrich

James Bingham (Again)

Stevan Dohanos

George Hughes

Lynne Naylor

Edmund Dulac

Chris Reccardi

Norman Rockwell

Will Eisner

Concept Art from "Kiki's Delivery Service"

Kelsey Shannon

Power Rangers!

While I work I'll often listen to instrumental music, particularly movie soundtracks. One of my favorite movies of all time in the 1965 drama film "A Patch of Blue" and it has a beautiful score to match its quality. Its a quiet, soothing melody, in contrast to Jerry Goldsmith's later action movie marches.

Also, I acquired the soundtrack to "Fantasia 2000" this weekend. The "Rhapsody in Blue" sequence is easily my favorite part of the film and adding the tune to my collection was long overdue.

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  1. What an inspirational collection of images and sounds. Your personal artwork in blue is striking. I know it's unfinished, but it looks amazing as-is. Can't wait to see if/how you finish some of these. Interesting that the blue color seemed to lead you to B&W stars with roles famous for noir/pulp/horror.

    1. Thanks Derek, You're too kind!

      Your anticipation to see how these portraits work out is rivaled only by my own. It originally started out as something to do in between projects, go through my files and sketch what inspires me, and put up it on the blog. Its just happenstance that I did so much of it in blue.

      Though when it comes to images, I'm just as much a collector as the rest of the League.

  2. Wow! Your sketches in blue are really cool. I'm with Derek, they do look amazing in the moment they are currently in, but I can only imagine how stunning they will be once completed. You have such a great talent and a good eye. I love the images you posted from your Inspirational folder. Just really pretty and they seem so easy to get lost in. I really enjoyed looking at everything.

    1. Probably the only time when "getting lost" is a good thing. Thanks Miss M!

  3. Great collection. You are going to put me to shame. Interesting things to look at for over ten minutes.

    1. Well I wouldn't have come up with this image post format if not for your inspiration. I'm pleased that you enjoyed it

  4. I admire your talent as an illustrator :) I make side money doing cartoon character's for children's parties and man, it takes me so long to get them just right. I've always wished to be a more "natural" illustrator, my expertise is in mere copying ;)
    I remember, even as a kid, the feeling of being frustrated with my own hand!... So anyhow, that wasn't depressing at all, was it? ;) You got me feelin all blue!
    You're a great talent, Erik. It's very cool.

  5. CAROLYN JONES <3 <3
    What a legend. And a stunningly beautiful one at that. SUCH BIG EYES


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