Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Studies 2013

A collection of portraits I drew over the past few months while at the church's summer Bible study for students.


  1. Those are really good (Mind you I can't judge how accurate the likenesses are, not knowing the subjects) but that doesn't matter. They have intrinsic quality. How long doe each sketch take you?

    1. Thanks MD! Always great to be complimented by a fellow artist!

      Time varied on each one. The portrait on the top left was the first one I did about two months ago and you can tell its more detailed than the rest because the guy in question is someone who is known for sitting very still. Since then I've learned I don't have that luxury with everyone else.

      The others, probably no more than a few minutes, because even when while they would sit still listening to the speaker there would be slight fidgeting were I could completely lose the angle I was working at if they moved a little too much.


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