Monday, November 26, 2012

Myth Riders

Just an idea I've been cooking up since Halloween. Long time viewers will know that I love surreal juxtapositions of pop culture characters; Tommy Wiseau and The Joker, Rick Blaine and Indiana Jones, Andy Griffith and Optimus Prime, The Doctor and Zardoz, etc. On Halloween night I cooked up this idea of a crossover between The Headless Horseman and Lady Godiva, playing on their status as legendary, near-mythical, horse riders and contrasting the large black Horseman horse against the Lady's gentle white equine.

I spent about three weeks since this doodling compositional ideas to get to this point (and taking a crash course in drawing horses too) Unfortunately for all the effort I expended I'm not satisfied enough with the project to continue it just yet. I couldn't really decide if they were racing, flirting, just passing by or what. Not to mention Lady Godiva's lack of clothing and how to creatively conceal it and still be identifiable was causing problems with generating a legible composition.

So yeah, this ones going on the discard pile unless I can come up with some new solution to turn this idea into an illustration. Any thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. I like that story of the Headman getting choked because his wife decided to ride naked so much that his head exploded and caught on fire and he chased after her and threw it out of her because his musket only had one bullet. I already see the R rated movie ready for next Christmas. We will make millions.


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