Friday, July 20, 2012

First Glimpse for Fashion Forward

Greetings Fellow Artists! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been occupied by a handful of small projects lately that have been competing for my attention. The recent heatwave and a house with no air conditioning hasn't helped much either.

As much as I like to be a showman, and present my projects when they're finished, I thought I'd provide a sneak peek at the projects thats been consuming my time for the past couple weeks.

Lately, I've been working on an entry for Project Rooftop's "Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward" Contest.
Basically I'm looking to redesign the classic costumes of Marvel's First Family their fifty plus years in print!

Heres a rough idea of what I've developing for my submission

For me the Fantastic Four have been explorers and adventurers rather than urban crimefighters, so I came up with this idea for a cross between Star Trek and Super Sentai uniforms. I figured that since the FF would be first response to giant monster attacks or anything weird or science related in New York that their uniforms should have an easily identifiable top portion. When people see those white collar/shoulders they know that help is on the way. Also there new logo is on the right just above breast level.

These suits do not contain the increasing popular stitch lines, because I just don't like to draw them, and I especially wouldn't if I had to draw them on tight deadlines. Plus I always figured Reed Richards' unstable molecule suits that allow their clothes to adapt to their powers would be unique in their nature so that they can be manufactured to fit the wearer and not have the need to sew different pieces together. The only break in the suits that you can see here is the zipper that allows Sue to adjust her skirt for comfort as well as mobility.

In the final drawing I should probably address that there is are zippers running along the back of the suit as well as on the backs of the gloves and boots. A belt buckle will also be located from behind, because the contest is called "Fashion Forward", so I figure that utility should be in the back. haha.

With the contest deadline in less than two weeks, I thought I'd put out feelers on first impressions and thoughts on how I might be able to improve on these designs. I know I want redraw Reed and Sue actually using their powers, but from a design perspective I'm concerned that my ideas haven't fallen far from enough from the tree. I stuck with the FF's White and Blue color scheme from the '80s because they are calm and reassuring colors, representing the team's position as a more idealistic corner of the Marvel Universe, however I still seem to be sticking pretty close to the classic/simple collar-belt-gloves-boots design. 

Would padded knees and elbows be a help or a hinderance to their look? Would they look better with running shoes rather than boots? Should Reed even wear a belt or boots since he body's stretch powers don't limit him to a traditional psychical structure?

I'm starting to get a narrowed imagination, looking at this project by myself for so long and put it you dear viewers, what would suggest I do to improve and truly make Marvel mine?

Closing as the Man himself did, Excelsior True Believers!


  1. Oooh! I like 'em! I saw the Star Trek influence right away but I am unfamiliar with the Super Sentai stuff.

    Maybe don't make the belts actually be belts but just accents in the fabric. Maybe they could go in a diagonal direction and not necessarily have a uniform width.

    Personally I would lose the skirt for Sue. Did you conceive them as one piece suits or tops and bottoms? Because it looks like the men have one piece suits and Sue has a two piece with a longer top cinched by a belt.

    There's my ideas. Really good stuff. Tight deadline but you'll manage it with aplomb I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing the final.

    Good luck!

  2. Super Sentai is a long running live action Japanese action adventure series. "Power Rangers" is a relatively loose American adaptation of the franchise.

    Pretty much every says "ditch the skirt", so I thats at least one thing I'll do. I appreciate your comments, which have given me a few things to consider trying. I also learned the word "Aplomb".

    Thanks! Encouragement by another artist is the best kind!

  3. Those actually look pretty great. The colors and piping are just different enough to hold true to the classic look of the characters. The short skirt on sue and the tank on the Thing win this over for me. If it's not broke don't fix it. I especially like the positioning of the F and the 4.


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