Sunday, June 17, 2012

Halloween Help

Dear Friends, Followers and Fellow Artists,

Recently I've been working on a project to add to my portfolio in order to make my work more appealing to children's publishers by including work that includes children in some way. This is my latest project, an image of a group of young trick-or-treaters dressed as "morally gray" characters (witch, pirate, devil) being given candy by a middle aged resident dressed as an angel. While the devil gets his treat, pirate peers into witch's cauldron, believing she received better treats.

I've been tinkering with this idea for a while now and was fairly certain I knew which compostion was best, but thought I could take advantage of Social Networking Technology to get a fresh perspective from other fertile and creative minds.

Any input; comments or critiques, that you could provide would be most helpful!



  1. Turn it around. Put the viewer down at the level with the kids, looking up at the glowing angel with the bowl of candy. It'll be more challenging to get the kids' expressions from that perspective, but not impossible, I think.

  2. Loving your work. M.D. makes a great suggestion. Of the three I warmed to the first immediately. It's a lovely soft swoop up to the light. The second is a little too tight with the loose space creating an empty feeling and the third feels too formal.

  3. - Oh, and my stuff is at

  4. I have no knowledge except to say that if you illuminate the faces of the children then you can either focus on their joy or fear. Hopefully they are most afraid of the angel. Damn angel propaganda.


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