Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Manifest Destiny

Heres a glimpse at my latest project, which could take a substantial amount of time. Midland Christian School was pleased with the painting I did for their Santa Parade Float that I was asked to paint a mural for their sixth grade classroom depicting great moments in American history.

Depicting so many famous moments, people and conflicts proved to be incredibly complicated and would be just shy of impossible to finish by the time school was ready to start in the fall, so I simplified the idea, focusing on transportation and expansion. Starting with the arrival of settlers, traveling westward by wagon, blasting through mountain to forge the railroads, before we slip into the twentieth century with the building of skyscrapers and a copper Lady Liberty waits to welcome a new generation of settlers while we find new means of expansion in the automobile, airplane and finally the space shuttle.

The plan is for the mural to go in a corner, hence the dividing line between mountains and city, with the  stars and stripes of the American flag connecting the two halves.

The final project will be an estimated 8 x 16 feet in size.

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