Thursday, March 17, 2011

X-Men First Class

These are the character posters that were made by paid professionals to promote the upcoming movie "X-Men: First Class". A Floating Head inside of a silhouette. Wow. 

I can't even look at the the Professor X poster without cringing. His eyeball is being cut off by white negative space!

So when SuperPunch announced they were having a contest to design a  new poster for the movie that would be "sleeker and sexier", I jumped onboard, and produced this:

I will say, that this may not be the best entry, because I did put it together rather hasty and because with only so much information available about the actual story it was difficult to judge what would be important. Not the mention the obvious trouble I had with creating a drawing, but not having color in mind at the time. Others might also call me a hypocrite (and hey, it wouldn't be the first time) for using floating heads as well, but this is my attempt at a "take that" to the original posters, a way of saying "I can do that do, but not only can I make it more dynamic, I can do it better by hand!"

Further Comments and Critiques are always welcome and encouraged.


  1. go Eric! show those pros up man!

  2. The spread hand is particularly form juicy, in a simple yet elegant way.


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