Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Horror of Dracula

In preparation for Halloween, I had the opportunity to catch up on the early Hammer Horror movies. I grew up on the Universal Studios Horror movies, and have a close place in my heart (as my movie review blog will attest) that will always be my first choice for a late night scary movie, but I did admire how Hammer presented the famed monsters rather differently, and found myself rather enamored with Christopher Lee's expressive face in his role as Count Dracula.

Curiously, Dracula looks kinda like Ras Al Ghul from the Batman comics, I wonder if Neal Adams was inspired by such films.

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  1. in 1958 engish actor chisttopher lee took up the role as count dracula
    in 1956 after film and stage actor bela lugosi death in 1956.

    the horror of dracula came out in 1958 it was the first adult
    rated vampire made that year it was the first time the
    movie adudince ever seen vampires bear their fangs on the big


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