Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coy's Comics Publication Party

This Saturday at Coy's Comics we premiered the Michigan Comics Collective First Anthology! To promote the book, the store featured plenty of sales and sketch events. We even had special custom cards made for the occasion!

Brian Hitsman's original team, The Global Defense Force

Carl Sagan

Samus from Metroid



Baby Groot

Jean Grey


Friday, September 12, 2014

Attack on Joker

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This week, an oddball juxtaposition between comic book hero Batman and the anime series "Attack on Titan". The idea was to combine two similar things, the new Faceless Joker (which I think looks incredibly silly) with the Colossus Titan (which I think is quite scary).

Eagle eyed viewers may recognize that the parody product isn't an especially original image. The composition is taken from directly from this promotional image for the show. Also Batman was reversed and traced from this page by Bruce Timm. The pose was too good to pass up, not only did it match Eren's look, but was an example of Batman himself encountering a giant.

The motivation for this project (aside from the general goofiness of it) was to produce something simple that didn't require much planning so that I could concentrate on practicing in Photoshop, determine how to render something like the face, which has a lot of detail, without going overboard as well as experiment with different tools, textures and techniques.

Originally I was going to tinker with Elsa from last week, but thought that I might be more likely to want to continue if I was working on something I hadn't previously posted and considered "finished". That and its been a slow traffic kind of week and experience has thought me that mash ups with The Joker are ratings gold!

Sketch ya' later!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Warm Hugs for the End of Summer

Continuing with the commissions that I posted last week, Emily was eager to have me draw some other Disney characters as well. In her request for Olaf, I saw an opportunity to polish up a sketch I had done earlier this summer. I may tinker with this one a bit more, I could really stand to experiment with my application of color.

Another animated Disney sidekick who stole the show that Emily was looking to have drawn was Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy done up in this Alphonse Mucha Art Noveau style. 

I had hoped to make this a do a double theme with Olaf and Groot both giving hugs. Although tree huggers are likely to come away with plenty of splinters from Groot. Ouch! 

I may come back to that some time later, but its September now, so I'm starting to brainstorm ideas on what I should do for Halloween next month.

Please make any suggestions you would like to see in the comments!

Sketch ya' later!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Cartoon Commissions

This just in, Shawn took my sketch of the Green Ranger from Doctor Who Day and had it signed by Jason David Frank! Thanks guys!

More recently I've been working on a series of illustrations for "Emily", who saw my work at the last day of the Midland County Fair and asked for some commissions of cartoon characters, like this one of Dory and Marlin from "Finding Nemo".

Inspired by glow-in-the-dark overlay posters made by Mondo Tees, I also made this text heavy variant. 

Then I followed that up with the Minions from "Despicable Me".

Originally I had dreamed up a comic involving a gag of one minion discovering another minion dressed up like a banana. Instead I opted for something simpler because it was taking a lot of time to much sure I was drawing these guys on-model. Maybe I'll revisit this sometime later.

Speaking of revisiting, I've still got two more commissions to do for Emily. Come back next week and I'll probably have those finished.

Sketch ya' later!

Friday, August 22, 2014

August Updates (featuring Groot!)

Good news this week is that after posting all these sketch events I've been doing for the past month online, I'm finally seeing some interest in commissions!

The sketch card I did with Rocket and Groot attracted enough attention that I was asked to work on another drawing of Groot. Just need to decide between Groot Noveau and Groot Hug.

But the Guardians aren't the only Disney characters I've been commissioned to draw.

Meantime I'm still juggling my own ideas, like this birthday card I've been designing to share with my friends on Facebook.

And the "Ceiling Fan Fight" from last month is something I'm working on new thumbnails and would like to come back to sooner rather than later.


Sketch ya' later!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fair Weather Sketches (Day 5)

I decided to go to the fair for at least one more day. The total I got in tips proved that was a very good idea! 

Leonardo Leads!

Wonder Woman in Color

Black Adam

Captain America


Angry Maximus

Burnside Batgirl

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Kirby's Captain





Confused Maximus


Leonardo Finishes! 

Sketch ya' later! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fair Weather Sketches (Day 4)

Friday proved to be the busiest and most profitable day at the fair this week. Not sure why I'm so surprised. 

Iron Man

Rocket Raccoon


Green Lantern

Queen Elsa

Wonder Woman

Comic Book Iron Man



Optimus Prime


Old School Sentinel


Volibear (League of Legends)


Sketch ya' later! 

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