Saturday, July 30, 2011

Inspirational Illustrations: Under the Umbrella

Lately we've had our share of on and off showers. Its the resulting humidity thats been unbearable.

Coles Phillips

Ren Wicks

Okay, she's not under an umbrella, but she in underwear and theres an umbrella, so yeah...

Bartlett Kobe

Gil Evlgren

Charles Twelevetrees

Incidentally, how is it that someone with such a memorable name has been off my radar until now?

George Petty

It just amuses me the way Petty painstakingly paints these gorgeous figures, and yet he will leave accessory items, such as her boots as mere outlines. Something about the unfinished nature of the piece strikes me as funny.

Gil Elvgren

The transparent raincoat is one thing, but were does someone get transparent high heeled boots?

1956 Morton Salt Logo

Coby Whitmore

Morgan Kane

Coby Whitmore

Robert McGinnis

More of a parasol than a umbrella, but whatcha gonna do?

Jack Klay

Tim Sale

JC Leyendecker

Xavier Ramonède

Tim Sale

Next Week: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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  1. Love these, especially the Coby Whitmore pictures. Emma